Mizpah Baptist church got its origin from Ebenezer Native Baptist church, Victoria, the church that was founded by the Rev. Alfred Saker. Mizpah, then known as Native Baptist church, New town came into being as a result of some disagreement with the mother church in down beach. It must be noted that these disagreements were secular and not spiritual.
Note must be taken that as early as 1920 there was a Baptist prayer house in New town. This prayer house was built by New town Christians on a plot donated by late Madam Enanga Tulu and Mr. Charles Nako Makangai.
The breakaway of the New town group from Ebenezer was approved by Rev. Dr. Gebauer. Patriarch like D.N.O Carr, Adolph Malafa, Ngoyo Patex, Harry Monjimbo, Enanga Tulu, Chief, Stephen Ngomba Njamba and their families were among the first Christians who moved to Native Baptist Church New town.
The first church house was at West End in a thatched house on a plot donated by late Chief Mokenge Masunge. The first pastor was Pastor Oscar Embola and Stephen Ngomba Njamba was the first secretary. As a missionary to Victoria, Rev. George Henderson (late) observed that the site of the Native Baptist church was not conducive for logistical reasons, so together with D.N.O. Carr, Penuel Malafa and other elders met chief Itulu who gave them the present site where Mizpah now stands on a hill. All those who had crops on the land were adequately compensated. At the laying of the foundation stone, a joint service of down Beach and New town Christians was held.
The construction which was started by Rev. Henderson was completed by Rev. Ben Lawrence in 1954. The walls and the roof of the building were all constructed with corrugated iron sheets .In 1957, the church became small because of the increasing population, and so, the construction of the present structure was initiated. This was finally completed in 1958 in preparation for the Victoria centenary which took place in December 1958. It is worthy to note that all families of the New town church, who could not make cash contributions or offer building materials, provided manual labor as their own contribution. With the influence of Mr. Samuel Fonderson who was a senior staff of Lehman Kamerun Timber Ltd., Mr. Lehman offered all the timber that was used in the construction of the church. The new church was named Mizpah Baptist Church.

One of the most significant event in the life of Mizpah Baptist church occurred in 1963 when, the entire congregation of the Basel Mission church under late Jacob Molimise applied to Mizpah to become Baptist. Inquirer classes were conducted for all of them and on the 8th of December 1963, all 30 of them were baptized by immersion. Jacob Molimise later went to Bible school in Ndu to become a Baptist pastor. The following served as pastors and evangelists in Mizpah:

  • 1942 1943 Pastor Oscar Embola (Pioneer Pastor)
  • Evangelist Patex Ngoyo
  • Evangelist Noah Ndike
  • Evangelist Daniel Moky
  • 1957-1963 Rev. Stephen Ngomba Bwanje
  • 1964-1967 Rev. Stephen Nteff
  • 1967-1968 Pastor Rhoadson Njie- (Also visited smaller)
  • 1968-1970 Rev Steane Eko
  • 1970-1972 Rev. Samson Khama
  • 1973-1975 Rev J. M Mokwe
  • 1975-1976 Deacon Peter D. Eyambe (Lay preacher)
  • 1976-1988 Rev. Steane Eko
  • 1988-1997 Rev. Joseph Motanga Monjimbo
  • 1997-2010 Rev. Peter Evande (till July 10th 2010)
  • 01/08/2004- till present: Rev. Dr. Teke John
  • 01/12/2009-till present: Rev. Ekpangison Ewule John
  • 24/09/2010-till present: Rev. Nganji Gilles